Omni-Tek Prisoner Clothes

Omni-Tek Prisoner Clothes“This is standard issue Omni-Tek prisoner clothes. Filthy, ugly and smelly.”

Similar design to the Halloween Boogaloo Suits, but in lovely black and white prison stripes. This appears to be our only new social clothing items that Uncle Pumpkinhead brought this year. As usual it’s NoDrop Unique.

Chest or Back : Omni-Tek Prisoner Clothes
Texture: Body, arms, legs and feet.
Gender: Any


Borealis T-shirt

Borealis T-shirt“You were there when Borealis changed forever.

The year we will never forget, 29487.”

Commemorative t-shirt for participating in the fight for Borealis. Off course, the t-shirt makes no mention as to which side you were fighting for, so wear it with pride even if you got massac…er, even if you did not win.

The T-Shirt is NoDrop, Unique. You were able to claim it from the item shop for a short time after the Borealis story line event.

Body: Borealis T-shirt
Texture: Body and arms.
Gender: Any

Borealis event

The Borealis satellite dish, before the explosion as we wait for Tarkhan Zora’s speech.

 Item added with patch 18.8.5

Desert Nomad Armor

Desert Nomad Armor

A NoDrop armor set available only during the Birthday event. You can acquire individual pieces of various levels from the wandering Desert Nomads or as a vacuum packed quality level 300 set. The vacuum packed armor can be acquired as a drop from the Desert Rider or you can get it for 250 Tinker Tokens from the Tinker.

Head: Desert Nomad Helmet
Back: Desert Nomad Cloak
Shoulders: Desert Nomad Shoulder Pad
Chest: Desert Nomad Body Armor
Arms: Desert Nomad Sleeves
Hands: Desert Nomad Gloves
Legs: Desert Nomad Pants
Feet: Desert Nomad Boots

Play Costume – Fifth Edition

Play Costume - Fith Edition (F) Play Costume - Fith Edition (M/U)“Inspired by fine dining clothes, this year’s outfit will make you elegant and sexy.”

I actually like this one, especially the men’s version. Women may need a roll of Super Effective Tape to keep it from slipping but otherwise it’s great for Rubi-Ka bar hopping. Accessorize with your favorite weapon.

Back / Chest: Play Costume – Fifth Edition
Gender: One item, changes based on character’s gender.
Texture: Body, legs, arms and feet

The fr00b T-shirt

The fr00b T-Shirt“Recently Miiir tried to get a hold in the merchandise sector, its first product was the ‘fr00b’ T-shirt. The problem was that at the time no one knew what a fr00b was…”

If you have never seen this one, you probably never went to the Subway. This t-shirt drops in the low level dungeon from Vagabond or Mugger mobs.

Body: The fr00b T-shirt
Texture: Body and arms.
Gender: Any

Glittering Female Top

Glittering Female Top Glittering Green Female Top“This glittering shirt is considered bad taste by most people, but is also very popular in certain circles.”

The strap layout on this top always makes me think that the character put it on upside down. It has a similar name and the same flavor text as the Glittering Black Top but it’s a very different design so I decided to split them up.

Body: Glittering Green Female Top
Body: Glittering Female Top
Texture: Body only.
Gender: Any

Dragon Print T-Shirts

Pink Female Top with a Dragon Print Golden Female Top with a Dragon Print Faded Shirt with a Dragon Print Blue Shirt with a Dragon PrintFour t-shirts with a dragon design, similar to the one found on the martial artist suit. The pink shirt also shares a texture with the Very Very Very Cool Top.

Pink Female Top with a Dragon Print
Golden Female Top with a Dragon Print
Blue Shirt with a Dragon Print
Faded Shirt with a Dragon Print
Texture: Body only on the female tops; body and arms on the shirts.
Gender: Any

Glittering Black Top

Glittering Black Top with Long SleevesGlittering Black Top with Short Sleeves“This glittering shirt is considered bad taste by most people, but is also very popular in certain circles.”

Personally I love this top and wish I had picked up a couple more during the 7th Anniversary party. Perhaps it will be available again sometime. There is a pink, green and blue version listed in the database but I have not come across them.

Glittering Black Shirt
Arms: Glittering Short Black Sleeves
Arms: Glittering Long Black Sleeves
Gender: Any

Islander Shirt

“This shirt, with its vibrant floral design, was originally made for the Miiir Rubi-Ka summer collection for 29480, but was rejected because no one believed it would be popular on a planet that has no beach resorts. A couple of years later it was nevertheless released, as market research showed an increased interest in fashion and couture on Rubi-Ka.”

Pink Islander Shirt (F)Aren’t you glad these were released on Rubi-Ka? Sold by the Clothing Salesman located in Omni-Ent, Newland City and Tir city.

<colour> Islander Shirt
Texture: Body and arms.
Gender: Any

Spectrum Collection T-Shirts

“The Spectrum Collection is a series of regular t-shirts in a drop of color.”

Spectrum Collection Blue (F)With twenty different colors you’re sure to find at least one that works for your outfit. Sold by the Clothing Salesman located in Omni-Ent, Newland City and Tir city.

Spectrum Collection <colour>
Texture: Body and arms.
Gender: Any


Clan T-shirt

White Clan T-Shirt + sleevesWhite Clan T-shirt + long sleeves

A pain to find sometimes. The shirt is available from backyard vendors and occasionally as a mission reward. So far, I’ve only found the matching sleeves in backyards, either a short or long length version.

White Shirt with Clan Symbol
Arms: Short White Sleeves
Arms: Long White Sleeves

Captain Anarchy Costume

Captain Anarchy“Back in 29142 an vigilante organization known simply as the Anarchists, operated on Rubi-Ka. This costume is believed to be the real thing, highly illegal to wear, but also highly sought after.”

One of the most popular social items from the 2012 Birthday celebration. NoDrop, comes as a vacuum packed set containing all three parts.

Captain Anarchy Costume Suit
Texture: Body, legs, arms, feet, hands
Head: Captain Anarchy Mask
RightHand: Captain Anarchy Shield

The Coming Soon Shirt

The Coming Soon Shirt

“Kinda ironic that the “coming soon” part is on the back, I guess.”

Hah! Yes, so fitting for AO. Available from the Birthday celebration.

Body: The Coming Soon Shirt
Texture: Body, arms

Play Costume – Fourth Edition

Play Costume - Fourth Edition (M/U)Play Costume - Fourth Edition (F)“Levika’s Fashion has made a new costume. Inspired by riding clothes, this year’s outfit delivers stunning leather looks for anyone wearing it.”

Back / Body: Play Costume – Fourth Edition
Gender: Item changes for female or male/uni characters.
Texture: Body, legs, arms, feet

Blue Rubber

Blue Rubber Set Blue Rubber Set - on NPC

I just had to throw this set in regardless of the pain it is to find it! The complete Blue Rubber set used to be always in stock with Eddie, he seems to favor the Red Rubber set now. The pants can still be picked up from the Secondhand Peddler in backyards. The top and sleeves have now become a mystery, not sure where they can be found. Wearable by all races and genders who can track it down.

Body: Blue Rubber Shirt (on Atrox NPC)
Arms: Blue Rubbershirt Sleeves (on Atrox NPC)
Legs: Blue Rubber Pants (on Sephora)