Omni-Tek Prisoner Clothes

Omni-Tek Prisoner Clothes“This is standard issue Omni-Tek prisoner clothes. Filthy, ugly and smelly.”

Similar design to the Halloween Boogaloo Suits, but in lovely black and white prison stripes. This appears to be our only new social clothing items that Uncle Pumpkinhead brought this year. As usual it’s NoDrop Unique.

Chest or Back : Omni-Tek Prisoner Clothes
Texture: Body, arms, legs and feet.
Gender: Any


Desert Nomad Armor

Desert Nomad Armor

A NoDrop armor set available only during the Birthday event. You can acquire individual pieces of various levels from the wandering Desert Nomads or as a vacuum packed quality level 300 set. The vacuum packed armor can be acquired as a drop from the Desert Rider or you can get it for 250 Tinker Tokens from the Tinker.

Head: Desert Nomad Helmet
Back: Desert Nomad Cloak
Shoulders: Desert Nomad Shoulder Pad
Chest: Desert Nomad Body Armor
Arms: Desert Nomad Sleeves
Hands: Desert Nomad Gloves
Legs: Desert Nomad Pants
Feet: Desert Nomad Boots

Play Costume – Fifth Edition

Play Costume - Fith Edition (F) Play Costume - Fith Edition (M/U)“Inspired by fine dining clothes, this year’s outfit will make you elegant and sexy.”

I actually like this one, especially the men’s version. Women may need a roll of Super Effective Tape to keep it from slipping but otherwise it’s great for Rubi-Ka bar hopping. Accessorize with your favorite weapon.

Back / Chest: Play Costume – Fifth Edition
Gender: One item, changes based on character’s gender.
Texture: Body, legs, arms and feet

Alien Costume

“Now you too can be an alien and blend in with the invaders!”

Alien Costume

Right. Well if anyone goes and tries to “blend in” let me know how that went after you get back from reclaim.

Back: Alien Costume Back
Texture: Body, arms, legs and feet plus dangling alien legs.

Head: Alien Costume Helmet
Texture: Head

Left-Hand: Alien Costume Left Hand
Right-Hand: Alien Costume Right Hand
Texture: Hand, weapons.

Gender: Any


Tutu“For those that might want to indulge in a little ballet…or for Atroxes to scare people with.”

Pink tutu available in the Veteran’s shop terminal.

Backs: Tutu
Texture: Body, arms, legs
Gender: Any

Deluxe Tuxedo

Available in the FunCom shop as Boudart’s Pink Tuxedo – Deluxe Edition, this item can be changed from pink to light blue, orange, green, red and purple using a screwdriver. Three similar looking Tuxedos drop during special events, but those comes in single colors that can not be changed.

Back: Boudart’s Pink Tuxedo – Deluxe Edition
Back: Eriksson’s Green Tuxedo – Delux Edition
Back: Gervais’s Purple Tuxedo – Deluxe Edition
Back: Light Blue Tuxedo – Deluxe Edition
Back: Orange Tuxedo – Deluxe Edition
Back: Starla’s Red Tuxedo – Deluxe Edition
Texture: Body, arms, legs and feet


White CloakNot the most stylish, but functional. Available from a variety of vendors and in multiple colors.

The odd-ball out is the White Cloak which does not appear have a matching hood. You could always use the White Sack dropped by Joo as it is the same style as the other cloak hoods.

Back: robe mesh, White Cloak/ Black Cloak / Grey Cloak / Red Cloak / Brown Cloak / Blue Cloak / Green Cloak
Texture: Body, legs and arms

Black Cloak Hood / Grey Cloak Hood / Red Cloak Hood / Brown Cloak Hood / Blue Cloak Hood / Green Cloak Hood
Texture: Head, hood

Fancy Black Dress

Fancy Black Dress (new)For a brief time, this was my favorite dress until it was changed. Available randomly from Rubi-Ka tailors and the clothing terminals.

Also available as a Fancy White Dress in white with pink trim.

Back: Fancy Black Dress
Texture: Body, arms, hands, legs and feet

New in patch 18.05.11; changed in patch 18.5.2 to “show enough melons!” Fancy Black Dress - changes

Play Costume – Fourth Edition

Play Costume - Fourth Edition (M/U)Play Costume - Fourth Edition (F)“Levika’s Fashion has made a new costume. Inspired by riding clothes, this year’s outfit delivers stunning leather looks for anyone wearing it.”

Back / Body: Play Costume – Fourth Edition
Gender: Item changes for female or male/uni characters.
Texture: Body, legs, arms, feet