Shark Costume“Popular among swimmers.”

One of the many odd things you will find in the Veteran’s Shop.

Back: Shark Fin
Head: Shark Helmet
Gender: Any


Alien Costume

“Now you too can be an alien and blend in with the invaders!”

Alien Costume

Right. Well if anyone goes and tries to “blend in” let me know how that went after you get back from reclaim.

Back: Alien Costume Back
Texture: Body, arms, legs and feet plus dangling alien legs.

Head: Alien Costume Helmet
Texture: Head

Left-Hand: Alien Costume Left Hand
Right-Hand: Alien Costume Right Hand
Texture: Hand, weapons.

Gender: Any


Tutu“For those that might want to indulge in a little ballet…or for Atroxes to scare people with.”

Pink tutu available in the Veteran’s shop terminal.

Backs: Tutu
Texture: Body, arms, legs
Gender: Any