Black Set

Black Clothing Set“Working clothes. These are the clothes Omni-Tek provides the miners and factory-workers with.”

Available from OT Clothing terminals and the Secondhand Peddler. This outfit shares a texture with the dyna-droped Padded Love set. Nice basic black pants for use in any outfit.

Chest: Black Shirt
Legs: Black Pants
Arms: Black Sleeves
Feet: Black Boots


Omni Grey Suit

Omni Grey Suit Male

“The Omni Grey suit is the suit Omni officials are required to wear.”

The Omni Clothing terminals carry all but the male shirt for this set. That piece is available from the Secondhand Peddler in backyards.

If you don’t want to check the backyards for hours, two other items in-game have the same texture as the Omni Grey Suit Shirt. The Omni Special Issue Grey Jacket, available to Solitus as a reward from the Omni Tailor quests, and the Wet Anti-Radiation Body from the Fixer shop.

Chest: Omni Female Grey Suit Shirt / Omni Grey Suit Shirt
Legs: Omni Grey Suit Skirt / Omni Grey Suit Pants
Arms: Omni Grey Suit Sleeves
Feet: Omni Grey Suit Boots

Omni Intern-Op Suit Set

Omni-Tek SuitThe full set is available from OT Clothing terminals and the Secondhand peddlers. The pieces are not faction restricted so spies can wear it and attempt to blend in. 😉 The overall looks is the same as the one-slot Omni-Tek Suit.

Body: Omni Intern-Op Suit Shirt
Legs: Omni InternOp Suit Pants
Arms: Omni Intern-Op Suit Sleeves
Feet: Omni InternOp Suit Boots
Hands: Omni InternOp Suit Gloves
Faction: Any

Note: The different parts use both Intern-Op and InternOp in the name as above.