Omni-Tek Prisoner Clothes

Omni-Tek Prisoner Clothes“This is standard issue Omni-Tek prisoner clothes. Filthy, ugly and smelly.”

Similar design to the Halloween Boogaloo Suits, but in lovely black and white prison stripes. This appears to be our only new social clothing items that Uncle Pumpkinhead brought this year. As usual it’s NoDrop Unique.

Chest or Back : Omni-Tek Prisoner Clothes
Texture: Body, arms, legs and feet.
Gender: Any


Desert Nomad Armor

Desert Nomad Armor

A NoDrop armor set available only during the Birthday event. You can acquire individual pieces of various levels from the wandering Desert Nomads or as a vacuum packed quality level 300 set. The vacuum packed armor can be acquired as a drop from the Desert Rider or you can get it for 250 Tinker Tokens from the Tinker.

Head: Desert Nomad Helmet
Back: Desert Nomad Cloak
Shoulders: Desert Nomad Shoulder Pad
Chest: Desert Nomad Body Armor
Arms: Desert Nomad Sleeves
Hands: Desert Nomad Gloves
Legs: Desert Nomad Pants
Feet: Desert Nomad Boots

Play Costume – Fifth Edition

Play Costume - Fith Edition (F) Play Costume - Fith Edition (M/U)“Inspired by fine dining clothes, this year’s outfit will make you elegant and sexy.”

I actually like this one, especially the men’s version. Women may need a roll of Super Effective Tape to keep it from slipping but otherwise it’s great for Rubi-Ka bar hopping. Accessorize with your favorite weapon.

Back / Chest: Play Costume – Fifth Edition
Gender: One item, changes based on character’s gender.
Texture: Body, legs, arms and feet

Captain Anarchy Costume

Captain Anarchy“Back in 29142 an vigilante organization known simply as the Anarchists, operated on Rubi-Ka. This costume is believed to be the real thing, highly illegal to wear, but also highly sought after.”

One of the most popular social items from the 2012 Birthday celebration. NoDrop, comes as a vacuum packed set containing all three parts.

Captain Anarchy Costume Suit
Texture: Body, legs, arms, feet, hands
Head: Captain Anarchy Mask
RightHand: Captain Anarchy Shield


Starla's Red TuxedoCragg's Orange Tuxedo and Boudart's Pink Tuxedo

Three brightly colored tuxedos from the Birthday Celebration.

There is also a Deluxe Edition tuxedo in the FunCom shop which can be changed from pink to light blue, orange, green, red and purple using a screwdriver.

Back: Starla’s Red Tuxedo
Back: Cragg’s Orange Tuxedo
Back: Boudart’s Pink Tuxedo

Texture: Body, arms, legs and feet

NipponTech “Metsuki” Sight Overlay Device

Some nice visors available during the Birthday celebration, and the In-Game Funcom store. The celebration ones were available individually in these four colours. The FC Shop has a Superb NipponTech “Metsuki” Sight Overlay Device where the colour of the item can be changed using a screwdriver.

Spider Pack

Spider Backpack - ShadowySpider Backpacks

“Spider Pack – Holds whatever a spider pack does.”

Four shades of creepy crawlers for your back. Part of the Halloween 29,485 (2011) celebration. They are fully usable backpacks and not NoDrop so someone may have a spare.

Back: Spider Pack – Shadowy (purple)
Spider Pack – Swampy (green)
Spider Pack – Firey (orange)
Spider Pack – Icy (blue)

The Midnight Pumpkin Bikini & Boxer Shorts

Pumpkin Bikini & Boxers“Some legends speak of things turning into pumpkins late at night…”

Uncle Pumpkinhead first dropped these pieces on Halloween 29481 (2008). I was so disappointed that they put a “not Female” tag on the boxer shorts.

Female Bikini

Body: The Midnight Pumpkin Bikini Top
Legs: The Midnight Pumpkin Bikini Bottom
Texture: legs, body and feet – arm will need an alternative like tattoos or the Emperor’s New Sleeves.
Gender: Female only (Sorry troxs.)

Male Boxer shorts:

Legs: The Midnight Pumpkin Boxer Shorts
Texture: Body and feet – arms will need an alternative.
Gender: Male or Uni only

Play Costume – Second Edition

Play Costume - Second EditionPlay Costume - Second Edition (Male) White tutu for the girls and pants for the boys, this one was for the Anarchy Online Birthday Celebration in 29484 (2009).

If you missed it originally, a replica version is available from the cash shop.

Back / Body: Play Costume – Second Edition
Gender: Appears as tutu on female characters and pants with braces on male/uni characters.

Play Costume – Holiday Series #2

Play Costume - Holiday Series #2

“The fine folks at Levika’s Fashion are back with yet another beautiful, sexy piece of clothing, perfectly themed for the holiday season! Christmas 29486”

Back / Body: Play Costume – Holiday Series #2
Gender: Appears as a tutu on female characters and a “Santa” outfit on male/uni characters.

Funny Arrow

Funny Arrow

“Humor never killed anyone.”

A silly little hat found in Christmas Gifts dropped by Santa Leets. Not sure if it’s still available, but perhaps some pack-leet still has a gift box stashed away.

Karlsson Propeller Cap

Karlsson Propeller Cap“It is said that you once were able to fly when wearing this cap. Nobody knows whether that is true or not, as the AAA batteries needed to power it are no longer produced.”

Propeller Cap, the perfect head item for any occasion. Available from the Christmas Gift boxes dropped by Santa Leets.