Borealis T-shirt

Borealis T-shirt“You were there when Borealis changed forever.

The year we will never forget, 29487.”

Commemorative t-shirt for participating in the fight for Borealis. Off course, the t-shirt makes no mention as to which side you were fighting for, so wear it with pride even if you got massac…er, even if you did not win.

The T-Shirt is NoDrop, Unique. You were able to claim it from the item shop for a short time after the Borealis story line event.

Body: Borealis T-shirt
Texture: Body and arms.
Gender: Any

Borealis event

The Borealis satellite dish, before the explosion as we wait for Tarkhan Zora’s speech.

 Item added with patch 18.8.5


Glittering Black Top

Glittering Black Top with Long SleevesGlittering Black Top with Short Sleeves“This glittering shirt is considered bad taste by most people, but is also very popular in certain circles.”

Personally I love this top and wish I had picked up a couple more during the 7th Anniversary party. Perhaps it will be available again sometime. There is a pink, green and blue version listed in the database but I have not come across them.

Glittering Black Shirt
Arms: Glittering Short Black Sleeves
Arms: Glittering Long Black Sleeves
Gender: Any