White CloakNot the most stylish, but functional. Available from a variety of vendors and in multiple colors.

The odd-ball out is the White Cloak which does not appear have a matching hood. You could always use the White Sack dropped by Joo as it is the same style as the other cloak hoods.

Back: robe mesh, White Cloak/ Black Cloak / Grey Cloak / Red Cloak / Brown Cloak / Blue Cloak / Green Cloak
Texture: Body, legs and arms

Black Cloak Hood / Grey Cloak Hood / Red Cloak Hood / Brown Cloak Hood / Blue Cloak Hood / Green Cloak Hood
Texture: Head, hood



VisorVisor. As seen in Baboons nightclub, worn by the Dancing Fool.

It’s occasionally available from Secondhand vendors and as a mission reward.

Head: Visor

Omni-Tek Suit

Omni-Tek Suit

“This is an extremely cheap version of the Omni-Tek Internop suit.”

It’s also conveniently a one-slot version of the Omni Intern-Op outfit. It’s a random drop from dyna camp bosses, including the low-level ones in backyards.

Back: Omni-Tek Suit
Texture: Body, legs, feet, sleeves & hands.
Faction: Omni-only, with 10 or more tokens
Profession: Any

Omni-Med Cloak

Omni-Med Cloak Omni-Med cloaks can be found as mission rewards, chest loot, or occasionally available from the Secondhand Peddler in backyards.

They have the same appearance as the higher level Notum Spangled Omni-Med Cloak and the Omni-Med Field Surgeons Cloak. Surgeons cloak is hackable, turning in to a Sabotaged Omni-Med Field Surgeons Cloak usable by Clan & Neutral Doctors.

Back: Omni-Med Cloak
Texture: Body, legs, arms and hands (white gloves)
Faction: Omni-only
Profession: Any