Salesman’s Hat

Salesman's Hat A great hat for traveling the wild and dusty lands of Rubi-Ka or starting up a Mariachi band. Zoftig Blimp in Hope always keeps this hat in stock.


Rhysen’s Carrier Cap

Rhysen's Carrier Cap“This cap is most often worn by various types of messengers, but it is also sometimes worn by hunters and scouts.”

More from Zoftig Blimp in Hope who sells this nice little grey hat. A brown version is available as Cap of the Besieger from the Trader Shop.

Arcanum Specs

Three shades of these round little glasses are available from Zoftig Blimp in the town of Hope. Amber Arcanum Specs, Rose Arcanum Specs and Sapphire Arcanum Specs.

The Sapphire version shares a texture with the Joint Clan Shades available to Clanners from the starter island.