Blue Rubber

Blue Rubber Set Blue Rubber Set - on NPC

I just had to throw this set in regardless of the pain it is to find it! The complete Blue Rubber set used to be always in stock with Eddie, he seems to favor the Red Rubber set now. The pants can still be picked up from the Secondhand Peddler in backyards. The top and sleeves have now become a mystery, not sure where they can be found. Wearable by all races and genders who can track it down.

Body: Blue Rubber Shirt (on Atrox NPC)
Arms: Blue Rubbershirt Sleeves (on Atrox NPC)
Legs: Blue Rubber Pants (on Sephora)


Red Rubber

Red Rubber SuitRed Rubber set is always in stock with Eddie in Stret West Bank (outside of Reet Retreat).

Wearable by all races and genders.

Body: Red Rubber Shirt
Arms: Red Rubbershirt Sleeve
Legs: Red Rubber Pants

Black Set

Black Clothing Set“Working clothes. These are the clothes Omni-Tek provides the miners and factory-workers with.”

Available from OT Clothing terminals and the Secondhand Peddler. This outfit shares a texture with the dyna-droped Padded Love set. Nice basic black pants for use in any outfit.

Chest: Black Shirt
Legs: Black Pants
Arms: Black Sleeves
Feet: Black Boots