Deluxe Tuxedo

Available in the FunCom shop as Boudart’s Pink Tuxedo – Deluxe Edition, this item can be changed from pink to light blue, orange, green, red and purple using a screwdriver. Three similar looking Tuxedos drop during special events, but those comes in single colors that can not be changed.

Back: Boudart’s Pink Tuxedo – Deluxe Edition
Back: Eriksson’s Green Tuxedo – Delux Edition
Back: Gervais’s Purple Tuxedo – Deluxe Edition
Back: Light Blue Tuxedo – Deluxe Edition
Back: Orange Tuxedo – Deluxe Edition
Back: Starla’s Red Tuxedo – Deluxe Edition
Texture: Body, arms, legs and feet


NipponTech “Metsuki” Sight Overlay Device

Some nice visors available during the Birthday celebration, and the In-Game Funcom store. The celebration ones were available individually in these four colours. The FC Shop has a Superb NipponTech “Metsuki” Sight Overlay Device where the colour of the item can be changed using a screwdriver.

Play Costume – Second Edition

Play Costume - Second EditionPlay Costume - Second Edition (Male) White tutu for the girls and pants for the boys, this one was for the Anarchy Online Birthday Celebration in 29484 (2009).

If you missed it originally, a replica version is available from the cash shop.

Back / Body: Play Costume – Second Edition
Gender: Appears as tutu on female characters and pants with braces on male/uni characters.

Kami Sunglasses

Kami Sunglasses - BlackKami Sunglasses - WhiteKami Sunglasses - BlueKami Sunglasses - RedKami Sunglasses - GreenKami Sunglasses - Pink Kami Sunglasses, by Nippontech come in six different colours that can be changed using a screwdriver. The basic tint is Black, then White, Blue, Red, Green and Pink.

These glasses are NoDrop. Available for 200 Points from the Phasefront Paid Points Vendor terminal outside of Newland City.