The Recruit

The Recruit“…she was dressed in some ludicrous outfit, obviously a new fashion he wasn’t aware of, or perhaps she’d brought the clothes with her from one of the other colonies, or from Earth; she wore a small black top, big sunglasses (why she’d be wearing sunglasses when it was this dark out or when a simple dimming program could do a better job, he’d never understand), tall red boots, and a pair of pants so tight it was a wonder she was able to walk, let alone run…”

Prophet Without Honour
Page 307

We get a glimpse of the situation on Rubi-Ka as Philip Ross walks through Omni-1 where he comes across a group of young Clan supporters. He describes the whole group as wearing ludicrous outfits. A nice pair of Disco Duck Sunglasses may work better with this ensemble (I unfortunately don’t have any), but here is my take on the girl’s outfit.

Head: Katara Sunglasses
Body: Split Velvet Shirt
Legs: Red Twil Thigh High Boots
Arms: Tentacle Tape (Crypt of Home boss drop)
Feet: Red Twil Boots


Angels over Newland

Angel OutfitAngel Outfit

“The best part of being an Agent is you get to play with parts of every profession.”

Displaying both the Social tab and the Clothing tab offers some creative opportunities. Off course, this is easier to do if you’re not too twinked in to your armor. Here, two different back items are used for the angel look.

Social Tab:
Back: Angel Wings (Seasonal)
Head: Halo (Veteran)
Feet: Sandals of Cognizance (AI)
Props: Bow of Ferocious Appetite (Dyna Loot)

Clothing Tab:
Back: Toga of Redemption (AI)