Anarchy Online’s 12th Birthday!

Baloons!Anarchy Online will be turning 12 years old on June 27th so come on out and join in the birthday celebration starting that day! The Tinker and Desert Nomads are back, Levika’s has a new outfit and things are heating up in Borealis with open fighting in the streets.

Check out the official Birthday event details here.


Current News:


I’ve decided to re-work the categories (and navigation) on this blog since organizing it by equipment slot was not working out as I had hoped. Many of the new outfits added to the game no longer come in parts such as a sleeve/body/legs piece with texture for that one slot but as a single item with a texture covering multiple slots. I’ll be working on re-categorizing all the items in to things that make more sense like t-shirts or sunglasses etc. As to when that will be done, I’ll copy FC and say SOON. 🙂

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AO’s 11th Birthday

2012 BirthdayHappy Birthday AO!

New clothes to go hunting for and free jet packs from the store. The birthday parties start at 5pm GMT time in The Grind. Check out >>here<< for more details.

Hope you all have fun!

On a side note, the party outfit for today is: Glittering Black Shirt, Legs of the Servants of Eight, Blue Boots, Flapper Sleeves of The Honored Maidens and Flapper Gloves of The Honored Maidens with an Omni-Med Butter Cake in-hand.

The Game Archaeologist

I’m still wondering what moment of confusion prompted me to actually say yes to an interview. Perhaps it was looking at way too many screenshots? I think I tend to ramble and focus on things no one else really cares about in games. Still, Justin managed to pull some of my rambling in to a very nice article about AO from the point of view of two player – one old (me) and one new (Donovan Drones). So head over to Massively and take a look at The Game Archaeologist: The Anarchy Online bloggers.



Omni-Tek’s selection of clothing, Zoftig Blimp’s inventory and the Miiir-exclusive women’s fashion has been wrapped up. Going up this weekend is a nice selection of male clothing from Miiir.

Of course, an outfit needs a setting, right? For those of you wondering about the world beyond the starter zone I thought I’ll share some of my favorite videos. Player-made showing Shadowlands and a bit of Rubi-Ka – Spy in Shadowlands and Peramburs Shadowland. Funcom expansion trailers for a feel to the story – Alien Invasion and Lost Eden.

NBI Wrap-up!

Newbie Blogger InitiativeFinal list of all the blogs started during the Newbie Blogger Initiative and all the wonderful advice by more seasoned bloggers. Enjoy!

New blogs:

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