Velvet Swimmingtrunks with a Split

Velvet Swimmingtrunks (M/U) Velvet Swimmingtrunks (F)Velvet swimwear that matches the Split Velvet set.

Legs: Velvet Swimmingtrunks with a Split
Texture: Body, arms, legs and feet on male/uni; legs and feet on female.
Gender: Any


Pastel Swimsuit

Pastel Swimsuit (F)Pastel Swimsuit (M/U)One-piece swim suit with a seashell design. Wearable by any race and gender, but the texture does not line up too well on male/uni characters.

Back: Pastel Swimsuit
Texture: Body, arms, legs and feet
Gender: Any

Deep Ocean

Fathomless like the ocean – there are no limits to human experience.”

Deep Ocean (F)Deep Ocean (M/U)

Seaweed like swimsuit usable by any race and gender.

Back: Miiir Female Underwear – Deep Ocean
Texture: Body, arms, and legs
Gender: Any

Blue Swimmingtrunks

Blue-Swimmingtrunks-MBlue-SwimmingtrunksSwim-trunks available at the male terminals in any Miiir shop. Wearable by any race and gender. They make a nice option for shorts on female characters as they can be worn with a top.

Legs: Blue Swimmingtrunks
Texture: Body, arms, legs and feet on males. Legs and feet on females.
Gender: Any

Blue Bikini

Blue BikiniBlue Bikini (M/U)

A simple blue bikini usable by any race and gender.

Back: Blue Bikini
Texture: Body, arms, legs and feet
Gender: Any

Note: This is one of the old social items which will give you the “Social armor requires that no other armor is worn” warning if you try and put it in the back slot while anything else is equipped. 

The Midnight Pumpkin Bikini & Boxer Shorts

Pumpkin Bikini & Boxers“Some legends speak of things turning into pumpkins late at night…”

Uncle Pumpkinhead first dropped these pieces on Halloween 29481 (2008). I was so disappointed that they put a “not Female” tag on the boxer shorts.

Female Bikini

Body: The Midnight Pumpkin Bikini Top
Legs: The Midnight Pumpkin Bikini Bottom
Texture: legs, body and feet – arm will need an alternative like tattoos or the Emperor’s New Sleeves.
Gender: Female only (Sorry troxs.)

Male Boxer shorts:

Legs: The Midnight Pumpkin Boxer Shorts
Texture: Body and feet – arms will need an alternative.
Gender: Male or Uni only