Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves“This is a giant boxing glove for those arguments you want to solve without real violence.”

Comes as Gift Wrapped Boxing Gloves which can be used to spawn a right and left hand glove.

Right-Hand: Boxing Glove – Right Hand
Left-Hand: Boxing Glove – Left Hand
Display: One per hand (1hb weapon)


Shovel“A shovel, it was often used in the past to dig holes.”

Even on Rubi-Ka this ancient tool can still dig holes!

Right-Hand: Shovel
Display: Right-hand (2hb weapon)


Flashlight“A flashlight, it is intended to provide light, but was largely made obsolete with the introduction of floating torches and affordable night vision goggles.”

A must-have for telling ghost stories.

Right-Hand: Flashlight
Display: Right-hand (2hb)