Floating Drums

Floating Drums“All the rage for the musically inclined.”

Stripped drums with “Anarchy Online” across the top. All you really need to start a band.

Back: Floating Drums
Display: Floating, as you see it.


Captain Enno’s Pirate Parrot of Impending Doom

Captain Enno's Pirate Parrot of Impending Doom“I beak stuff.”

It’s a pirate parrot with an eye-patch, goes great with the pirate outfit from Maria’s Fashion.

Shoulder / Utilities: Captain Enno’s Pirate Parrot of Impending Doom
Display: Always above left shoulder.

Note: When first purchased it can be equipped in the Utilities slots. Use a screwdriver on it to change it for a Right-Shoulder/Left-Shoulder equipable parrot.