Christmas Tree Dress

Christmas Tree DressFirst time ever I went out looking for an unflattering dress, and as luck would have it I never found it. So, no picture of Sephora posing in her Christmas Tree Dress but here is a lovely picture from the FC holiday announcement to show what it should have looked like!



Tutu“For those that might want to indulge in a little ballet…or for Atroxes to scare people with.”

Pink tutu available in the Veteran’s shop terminal.

Backs: Tutu
Texture: Body, arms, legs
Gender: Any

Ornamental Grey Dress

Ornamental Grey Dress A pretty, grey dress available from the Clothing Salesman npc in Omni Ent, Newland City and Tir city. The pattern on it also match the metal bikini, in case you ever need an outfit for a cocktail and pool party in one.

Back: Ornamental Grey Dress
Texture: Body, legs, arms, hands, feet
Gender: Female only

Aythem’s Coat of Information (SL)

Aythem's Coat of Information“The coat’s origin stems from a rumor around the espionage community. One of the many privately owned galactic intelligence bureaus once employed an agent that went by the name of Aythem. She used to customize all the clothing items she would use when out on a job to serve a purpose other than a disguise…”

Spy fashion for the masses. This back armor is a reward from the third Yutto’s quest in Scheol.

Back: Aythem’s Coat of Information
Texture: Body, legs, arms.