Christmas Tree Dress

Christmas Tree DressFirst time ever I went out looking for an unflattering dress, and as luck would have it I never found it. So, no picture of Sephora posing in her Christmas Tree Dress but here is a lovely picture from the FC holiday announcement to show what it should have looked like!


Omni-Tek Prisoner Clothes

Omni-Tek Prisoner Clothes“This is standard issue Omni-Tek prisoner clothes. Filthy, ugly and smelly.”

Similar design to the Halloween Boogaloo Suits, but in lovely black and white prison stripes. This appears to be our only new social clothing items that Uncle Pumpkinhead brought this year. As usual it’s NoDrop Unique.

Chest or Back : Omni-Tek Prisoner Clothes
Texture: Body, arms, legs and feet.
Gender: Any

Play Costume – Fifth Edition

Play Costume - Fith Edition (F) Play Costume - Fith Edition (M/U)“Inspired by fine dining clothes, this year’s outfit will make you elegant and sexy.”

I actually like this one, especially the men’s version. Women may need a roll of Super Effective Tape to keep it from slipping but otherwise it’s great for Rubi-Ka bar hopping. Accessorize with your favorite weapon.

Back / Chest: Play Costume – Fifth Edition
Gender: One item, changes based on character’s gender.
Texture: Body, legs, arms and feet


Tutu“For those that might want to indulge in a little ballet…or for Atroxes to scare people with.”

Pink tutu available in the Veteran’s shop terminal.

Backs: Tutu
Texture: Body, arms, legs
Gender: Any

Captain Anarchy Costume

Captain Anarchy“Back in 29142 an vigilante organization known simply as the Anarchists, operated on Rubi-Ka. This costume is believed to be the real thing, highly illegal to wear, but also highly sought after.”

One of the most popular social items from the 2012 Birthday celebration. NoDrop, comes as a vacuum packed set containing all three parts.

Captain Anarchy Costume Suit
Texture: Body, legs, arms, feet, hands
Head: Captain Anarchy Mask
RightHand: Captain Anarchy Shield

Play Costume – Fourth Edition

Play Costume - Fourth Edition (M/U)Play Costume - Fourth Edition (F)“Levika’s Fashion has made a new costume. Inspired by riding clothes, this year’s outfit delivers stunning leather looks for anyone wearing it.”

Back / Body: Play Costume – Fourth Edition
Gender: Item changes for female or male/uni characters.
Texture: Body, legs, arms, feet

Play Costume – Second Edition

Play Costume - Second EditionPlay Costume - Second Edition (Male) White tutu for the girls and pants for the boys, this one was for the Anarchy Online Birthday Celebration in 29484 (2009).

If you missed it originally, a replica version is available from the cash shop.

Back / Body: Play Costume – Second Edition
Gender: Appears as tutu on female characters and pants with braces on male/uni characters.

Play Costume – Holiday Series #2

Play Costume - Holiday Series #2

“The fine folks at Levika’s Fashion are back with yet another beautiful, sexy piece of clothing, perfectly themed for the holiday season! Christmas 29486”

Back / Body: Play Costume – Holiday Series #2
Gender: Appears as a tutu on female characters and a “Santa” outfit on male/uni characters.

Omni-Tek Suit

Omni-Tek Suit

“This is an extremely cheap version of the Omni-Tek Internop suit.”

It’s also conveniently a one-slot version of the Omni Intern-Op outfit. It’s a random drop from dyna camp bosses, including the low-level ones in backyards.

Back: Omni-Tek Suit
Texture: Body, legs, feet, sleeves & hands.
Faction: Omni-only, with 10 or more tokens
Profession: Any