Sombrero Hat

Sombrero Hat (top) Sombrero Hat (front)“For those times when you need a little siesta.”

Really large hat, useful on a planet with two suns.

Head: Sombrero Hat
Texture: Hat
Gender: Any


Salesman’s Hat

Salesman's Hat A great hat for traveling the wild and dusty lands of Rubi-Ka or starting up a Mariachi band. Zoftig Blimp in Hope always keeps this hat in stock.

Funny Arrow

Funny Arrow

“Humor never killed anyone.”

A silly little hat found in Christmas Gifts dropped by Santa Leets. Not sure if it’s still available, but perhaps some pack-leet still has a gift box stashed away.

Karlsson Propeller Cap

Karlsson Propeller Cap“It is said that you once were able to fly when wearing this cap. Nobody knows whether that is true or not, as the AAA batteries needed to power it are no longer produced.”

Propeller Cap, the perfect head item for any occasion. Available from the Christmas Gift boxes dropped by Santa Leets.