HaloA floating halo to prove just how nice you are.

Head: Halo
Gender: Any



Shark Costume“Popular among swimmers.”

One of the many odd things you will find in the Veteran’s Shop.

Back: Shark Fin
Head: Shark Helmet
Gender: Any

Alien Costume

“Now you too can be an alien and blend in with the invaders!”

Alien Costume

Right. Well if anyone goes and tries to “blend in” let me know how that went after you get back from reclaim.

Back: Alien Costume Back
Texture: Body, arms, legs and feet plus dangling alien legs.

Head: Alien Costume Helmet
Texture: Head

Left-Hand: Alien Costume Left Hand
Right-Hand: Alien Costume Right Hand
Texture: Hand, weapons.

Gender: Any

Rainbow Afro Wig

Rainbow Afro Wig

“Wisely, the manufacturers of this item realized that any attempt at a description would merely cheapen its awesomeness.”

What’s more awesome than a bad fitting wig where your natural hair (or hats on nanomage males!) shows through? From the Birthday celebration.

NipponTech “Metsuki” Sight Overlay Device

Some nice visors available during the Birthday celebration, and the In-Game Funcom store. The celebration ones were available individually in these four colours. The FC Shop has a Superb NipponTech “Metsuki” Sight Overlay Device where the colour of the item can be changed using a screwdriver.

Spider Pack

Spider Backpack - ShadowySpider Backpacks

“Spider Pack – Holds whatever a spider pack does.”

Four shades of creepy crawlers for your back. Part of the Halloween 29,485 (2011) celebration. They are fully usable backpacks and not NoDrop so someone may have a spare.

Back: Spider Pack – Shadowy (purple)
Spider Pack – Swampy (green)
Spider Pack – Firey (orange)
Spider Pack – Icy (blue)

Funny Arrow

Funny Arrow

“Humor never killed anyone.”

A silly little hat found in Christmas Gifts dropped by Santa Leets. Not sure if it’s still available, but perhaps some pack-leet still has a gift box stashed away.

Karlsson Propeller Cap

Karlsson Propeller Cap“It is said that you once were able to fly when wearing this cap. Nobody knows whether that is true or not, as the AAA batteries needed to power it are no longer produced.”

Propeller Cap, the perfect head item for any occasion. Available from the Christmas Gift boxes dropped by Santa Leets.

Kami Sunglasses

Kami Sunglasses - BlackKami Sunglasses - WhiteKami Sunglasses - BlueKami Sunglasses - RedKami Sunglasses - GreenKami Sunglasses - Pink Kami Sunglasses, by Nippontech come in six different colours that can be changed using a screwdriver. The basic tint is Black, then White, Blue, Red, Green and Pink.

These glasses are NoDrop. Available for 200 Points from the Phasefront Paid Points Vendor terminal outside of Newland City.