About the Blog

Hello & Welcome!

This is Sephora’s Closet, an Anarchy-Online fashion collection.

Here’s a bit of a background for you. Years ago I started collecting social clothing and armour with the intent of running an in-character clothing store. For a while the budding armour shop (and screenshots) lived on rpcentral.no-ip.com as the “Tailor of Tir.” Unfortunately the site went down and I eventually took a break from the game. So this blog is part closet organizing and part showcasing all the social items available in Anarchy-Online.

Hope you enjoy the catalogue and outfits!

About the Character(s)

MissSephora Jones is a Neutral agent and who spends her time running a tailoring shop. The name Sephora means bird, and she can usually be spotted zooming around Newland City with Quantum of wings on.