Desert Nomad Armor

Desert Nomad Armor

A NoDrop armor set available only during the Birthday event. You can acquire individual pieces of various levels from the wandering Desert Nomads or as a vacuum packed quality level 300 set. The vacuum packed armor can be acquired as a drop from the Desert Rider or you can get it for 250 Tinker Tokens from the Tinker.

Head: Desert Nomad Helmet
Back: Desert Nomad Cloak
Shoulders: Desert Nomad Shoulder Pad
Chest: Desert Nomad Body Armor
Arms: Desert Nomad Sleeves
Hands: Desert Nomad Gloves
Legs: Desert Nomad Pants
Feet: Desert Nomad Boots


Play Costume – Fifth Edition

Play Costume - Fith Edition (F) Play Costume - Fith Edition (M/U)“Inspired by fine dining clothes, this year’s outfit will make you elegant and sexy.”

I actually like this one, especially the men’s version. Women may need a roll of Super Effective Tape to keep it from slipping but otherwise it’s great for Rubi-Ka bar hopping. Accessorize with your favorite weapon.

Back / Chest: Play Costume – Fifth Edition
Gender: One item, changes based on character’s gender.
Texture: Body, legs, arms and feet

Anarchy Online’s 12th Birthday!

Baloons!Anarchy Online will be turning 12 years old on June 27th so come on out and join in the birthday celebration starting that day! The Tinker and Desert Nomads are back, Levika’s has a new outfit and things are heating up in Borealis with open fighting in the streets.

Check out the official Birthday event details here.