Clan T-shirt

White Clan T-Shirt + sleevesWhite Clan T-shirt + long sleeves

A pain to find sometimes. The shirt is available from backyard vendors and occasionally as a mission reward. So far, I’ve only found the matching sleeves in backyards, either a short or long length version.

White Shirt with Clan Symbol
Arms: Short White Sleeves
Arms: Long White Sleeves



White CloakNot the most stylish, but functional. Available from a variety of vendors and in multiple colors.

The odd-ball out is the White Cloak which does not appear have a matching hood. You could always use the White Sack dropped by Joo as it is the same style as the other cloak hoods.

Back: robe mesh, White Cloak/ Black Cloak / Grey Cloak / Red Cloak / Brown Cloak / Blue Cloak / Green Cloak
Texture: Body, legs and arms

Black Cloak Hood / Grey Cloak Hood / Red Cloak Hood / Brown Cloak Hood / Blue Cloak Hood / Green Cloak Hood
Texture: Head, hood