The Recruit

The Recruit“…she was dressed in some ludicrous outfit, obviously a new fashion he wasn’t aware of, or perhaps she’d brought the clothes with her from one of the other colonies, or from Earth; she wore a small black top, big sunglasses (why she’d be wearing sunglasses when it was this dark out or when a simple dimming program could do a better job, he’d never understand), tall red boots, and a pair of pants so tight it was a wonder she was able to walk, let alone run…”

Prophet Without Honour
Page 307

We get a glimpse of the situation on Rubi-Ka as Philip Ross walks through Omni-1 where he comes across a group of young Clan supporters. He describes the whole group as wearing ludicrous outfits. A nice pair of Disco Duck Sunglasses may work better with this ensemble (I unfortunately don’t have any), but here is my take on the girl’s outfit.

Head: Katara Sunglasses
Body: Split Velvet Shirt
Legs: Red Twil Thigh High Boots
Arms: Tentacle Tape (Crypt of Home boss drop)
Feet: Red Twil Boots


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