Spacecraft Engineer Drawers

Spacecraft Engineer Drawers (M/U) Spacecraft Engineer Drawers (F) “In 27644 the remains of an ancient human space ship was found in the ice of Pellet IV, one of the methane moons of Eple. A crew of 7 people, 4 women and 3 men, were found in hibernation on board. They were far beyond the reach of any method of ressurection, but unique genetical material were preserved, and much were learned about their customs and technology. Each member of the crew had unique duties and abilities – and unique uniforms, differing in colour from individual to indvidual. The navigators had light blue garments, the resource manager were clad in beige, the doctor/cook wore olive, the statistic used gold and the engineers were clad in orange. No article of clothing found in any compartment were in any other colour than prescribed for the member – with one exception: A pair of black drawers were found in the bed of assistant engineer Jenny Choir.”

My favorite alternative for shorts on female characters.

Legs: Miiir Male Underwear – Spacecraft Engineer Drawers
Texture: Legs only.
Gender: Any


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