Captain Anarchy Costume

Captain Anarchy“Back in 29142 an vigilante organization known simply as the Anarchists, operated on Rubi-Ka. This costume is believed to be the real thing, highly illegal to wear, but also highly sought after.”

One of the most popular social items from the 2012 Birthday celebration. NoDrop, comes as a vacuum packed set containing all three parts.

Captain Anarchy Costume Suit
Texture: Body, legs, arms, feet, hands
Head: Captain Anarchy Mask
RightHand: Captain Anarchy Shield


The Coming Soon Shirt

The Coming Soon Shirt

“Kinda ironic that the “coming soon” part is on the back, I guess.”

Hah! Yes, so fitting for AO. Available from the Birthday celebration.

Body: The Coming Soon Shirt
Texture: Body, arms


Starla's Red TuxedoCragg's Orange Tuxedo and Boudart's Pink Tuxedo

Three brightly colored tuxedos from the Birthday Celebration.

There is also a Deluxe Edition tuxedo in the FunCom shop which can be changed from pink to light blue, orange, green, red and purple using a screwdriver.

Back: Starla’s Red Tuxedo
Back: Cragg’s Orange Tuxedo
Back: Boudart’s Pink Tuxedo

Texture: Body, arms, legs and feet

Rainbow Afro Wig

Rainbow Afro Wig

“Wisely, the manufacturers of this item realized that any attempt at a description would merely cheapen its awesomeness.”

What’s more awesome than a bad fitting wig where your natural hair (or hats on nanomage males!) shows through? From the Birthday celebration.

NipponTech “Metsuki” Sight Overlay Device

Some nice visors available during the Birthday celebration, and the In-Game Funcom store. The celebration ones were available individually in these four colours. The FC Shop has a Superb NipponTech “Metsuki” Sight Overlay Device where the colour of the item can be changed using a screwdriver.

AO’s 11th Birthday

2012 BirthdayHappy Birthday AO!

New clothes to go hunting for and free jet packs from the store. The birthday parties start at 5pm GMT time in The Grind. Check out >>here<< for more details.

Hope you all have fun!

On a side note, the party outfit for today is: Glittering Black Shirt, Legs of the Servants of Eight, Blue Boots, Flapper Sleeves of The Honored Maidens and Flapper Gloves of The Honored Maidens with an Omni-Med Butter Cake in-hand.

Spider Pack

Spider Backpack - ShadowySpider Backpacks

“Spider Pack – Holds whatever a spider pack does.”

Four shades of creepy crawlers for your back. Part of the Halloween 29,485 (2011) celebration. They are fully usable backpacks and not NoDrop so someone may have a spare.

Back: Spider Pack – Shadowy (purple)
Spider Pack – Swampy (green)
Spider Pack – Firey (orange)
Spider Pack – Icy (blue)

Blue Rubber

Blue Rubber Set Blue Rubber Set - on NPC

I just had to throw this set in regardless of the pain it is to find it! The complete Blue Rubber set used to be always in stock with Eddie, he seems to favor the Red Rubber set now. The pants can still be picked up from the Secondhand Peddler in backyards. The top and sleeves have now become a mystery, not sure where they can be found. Wearable by all races and genders who can track it down.

Body: Blue Rubber Shirt (on Atrox NPC)
Arms: Blue Rubbershirt Sleeves (on Atrox NPC)
Legs: Blue Rubber Pants (on Sephora)

Blue Zebra Print

Blue Zebra Print A blue version of the Zebra Print catsuits, unfortunately there is no blue buttoned top and pants.

Available from the Miiir Shop women’s clothing terminals and occasionally from other vendors. Wearable by all races and genders.

Head: Hood with a Blue Zebra Print
Body: Top with a Blue Zebra Print
Arms: Sleeves with a Blue Zebra Print
Hands: Gloves with a Blue Zebra Print
Legs: Pants with a Blue Zebra Print
Feet: Boots with a Blue Zebra Print